The answer is easy…Because you care about Safety!

SMARTFUEL™…World’s first & only SAFETY-POUR™ BOTTLE for ethanol!
Please watch this short but important video:

  • SMARTFUEL™ uses our Patent-Pending SAFETY-POUR™ technology to reduce risk of a flash or explosion from a flame or spark entering the bottle.
  • SMARTFUEL™ is the first in the industry to use SAFETY-POUR™ technology providing safer transfer of fuel from the bottle to the reservoir tank of your burning device.

SMARTFUEL™ is ‘Planet-Friendly’ – it’s the only recycled ethanol fuel available in North America.

  • SMARTFUEL™  is made from reclaimed + recycled waste products that contain alcohol, not from corn or other food crops that would be better used to feed the planet.
  • SMARTFUEL™ is safe for indoor burning – No toxic emissions, only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor are emitted.
  • SMARTFUEL™ burns clean – No Soot, No Smoke and No Residue in the tank.
  • SMARTFUEL™ is the world’s Greenest Ethanol Choice.

SMARTFUEL™ is concerned for the safety of your family

  • SMARTFUEL™ contains BITR™, an extreme bitterant that deters accidental ingestion by children + small animals.

SMARTFUEL™ is Laboratory Tested and Certified

  • SMARTFUEL™ is certified safe for both its ‘SAFETY-POUR™’technology, and its clean, toxic free exhaust for indoor burning.
  • SMARTFUEL™ provides consumer ‘peace of mind’.
  • Laboratory Certification + MSDS available online @ www.luminaproducts.com/safety
  • SMARTFUEL™ is proudly ‘Made in the US